The incidence of pressure ulcer in old patients undergoing open heart surgery and the relevant factors

Senmar Mojtaba, Azimian Jalil, Rafiei Hossein, Habibollahpour Mitra, Yousefi Fatemeh


Introduction:  The  proportion  of  old  inpatients  in  cardiac  intensive  care  units  (CICUs)  is increasing.
Objectives:  This  study  was  conducted  to  determine  the  relationship  of  hemodynamic  and oxygenation status with the risk of pressure ulcers following open heart surgery in old patients.
Patients and Methods: The present descriptive study was conducted over three months in 2016 on 48 patients selected using convenience sampling. The data collection tools included a three-part demographic information checklist, hemodynamic clinical data collection forms, oxygenation
clinical data collection forms and the Braden scale. The data collected were analyzed in SPSS using descriptive tests, the independent t test and Pearson’s correlation coefficient.
Results: Of the 48 patients, 28 (58.3%) were male and 20 (41.7%) were female. The mean age of the patients was 68.16 ± 5.53 years and their mean length of stay was 2.95 ± 0.96 days. All the pressure ulcers were stage 1 and 2. The incidence of pressure ulcers in these patients was
found to have statistically significant relationships with the mean heart rate on the second day (P = 0.01), the mean arterial carbon dioxide level on the fourth day (P = 0.02), diabetes (P = 0.01) and  smoking  (P = 0.001),  while  it  lacked  statistically  significant  relationships  with  the  other
hemodynamic and oxygenation variables studied.
Conclusion: Old patients undergoing open heart surgeries are at a high risk of the incidence and development of pressure ulcers. Thus, factors such as diabetes, smoking, heart rate and arterial carbon dioxide level affect the incidence of these ulcers.


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Old  patients  undergoing  open  heart surgeries are at a high risk of the incidence and  development  of  pressure  ulcers. Consequently,  factors  such  as  diabetes, smoking,  heart  rate  and  arterial  carbon dioxide  level  affect  the  incidence  of  these ulcers.


Citation: Senmar M, Azimian J, Rafiei H, Habibollahpour M, Yousefi F. The
incidence of pressure ulcer in old patients undergoing open heart surgery and the relevant factors. J Prev Epidemiol. 2017;2(2):e09. DOI:

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